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January 27, 2005
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Harbinger by HOULY1970 Harbinger by HOULY1970
This is a Graphite drawing with the background painted in with a dry brush and powdered charcoal. Image size is 20"(50cm) x 16"(40cm) on 300lb cold pressed watercolor paper.
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barnowlgurl23 Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's sad that people in some cultures think owls especially these kinds are evil I don't think there evil
little-owlette Dec 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Oh gosh this is just unbelievably beautiful... I love the detail around the owl's face...
Yet another beautiful picture! :-)
JillianLambertArt Feb 1, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Barn owls are truly magical birds, and you captured that essence here flawlessly. The detail is mind-boggling! I love the crispness of the owl and the mouse contrasted against the simple yet effective background.
Thank you Jillian,

I did this a long time ago and Relly should get it back from a friend's house and rephotograph it. Back when I did I was just start to photograph my work, and had a crappy camera and didn't know the best lighting and angles to use.

I did do the owl, stump and mouse in high detail. Then I took a paint brush and the background was painted in with powdered graphite. I had to of course blow off the excess powder and touch up the edges around the detailed work. Not something I have tried again since, due mainly to the time required to do it.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
mr-meth0d Apr 18, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
i love owls, i hope to get one as a pet soon
Good luck on doing that .... all Owls are protected birds and you'd never find one for sale .... legally, and if you managed to snag one illegally you be ratted out eventually and get a hell of a fine and with the justice system these days, probably more jail time than a child molester. Plus you'd always have problems. Owls aren't a type of bird that can easily live in a cage nor deserves to. So I sugest that you set your sights on a parrot instead. Haha ....
mr-meth0d Apr 19, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
guess i'll have to move to a foreign country and set up a nature reserve to keep the owls happy
Yeah that may work John. Hell of a price to pay to have an owl as a pet ... haha
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